You can help your loved ones to live painfully
You can help your friends and family live pain free life with hip OA by performing easy techniques only 10-15 minutes/day developed by an osteopath
Your opportunity to help your loved ones to live painfully with hip OA
Be an osteopath for your friends and family with these simple yet effective techniques developed by osteopath with 10 years of experience and simplified to be performed by you.
Arthrosis is a destructive disease that affects the destruction of the cartilaginous surface of the joint. This can cause pain, ranging from minor to very severe, with a strong impact on daily life.
About 9% of the population, slightly more often women than men, experience this ailment. In about 47% of cases, this will result in a hip replacement.

At the same time, regardless of the degree of destruction, from the stage of arthrosis, pain sensations can vary from insignificant to very strong.

In general, this disease affects how a person moves, sleeps, rests.
Symptoms of arthrosis of the hip joint:
The best definition and diagnosis is with an X-ray. But in practice, I often see cases where there are minor changes, but tests and symptoms indicate this disease.
Most often, pain begins in the groin, often radiates to the front of the thigh and, less often, to the buttock. The pain can be described as dull, aching, like a toothache.
May be:
- Pain while walking, especially uphill
- Pain while climbing stairs
- Difficulty crossing your legs
- Pain / discomfort while sleeping on the symptomatic side
- Hip mobility problems
What’s in it for me?
10 years of experience in short video lessons
In all my years of practice, I have checked, tested and improved all my knowledge and skills. This course is a simplified guide for anyone on how to make life easier for their loved ones.
Simple, easy yet effective techniques
There are only 6 techniques for you to perform. With a bit of practice it’ll take you less than 15 minutes to achieve a result your loved ones will be more than happy with
100% result or money back guarantee
I guarantee you will get the result you’re paying for if you perform these techniques as said and shown. If not... well i’ll return your money*
About me
Osteopath Konstantin Judin

Graduated from full-time education at the European School of Osteopathy in the UK. Has a master's degree.

Work experience: Since 2012 he has been practicing in a clinic at a school in the UK, since 2014 he has been successfully conducting a private practice in Estonia.

Has a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology, pharmacology and biomechanics.

Within the framework of four years of study, he received theoretical and practical knowledge in visceral, cranial and structural osteopathy.
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To be able to help someone you love Is priceless
I have arthrosis of the 2nd degree and I came to Konstantin 2 years ago. The doctors said it would be much worse, but thanks to his magic hands, I can live a fulfilling life between appointments. During these 2 years, arthrosis does not progress
Galina, 62
I have hip dysplasia and because of professional sports at the age of 24 I started having problems with my hips and by the age of 26 I was diagnosed with arthrosis of the hip joint. Reducing the load helps a little, but when I come to Konstantin, 7-10 days after taking it, I do not feel like an old woman.
Natalia, 28
Konstantin helps, after 5-7 days I can live normally. It is a pity that I did not find out about him earlier.
Juri, 58
Kostenka, dear, you are a wizard. I fly right after you. May God grant you health and your family
Alevtina, 82
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